17th Sep 2018

#3 Project: Pumpkins

Typically, I am not a big fan of holiday-themed projects. I will tell you why:

Holiday projects are usually product-oriented
A large portion of the creations are done by grown-ups
Children have little room for creativity

Despite that, I would like to share one idea that I decided to try around Halloween time.

In October, families, and preschools often decide to create a Jack-a-Lantern. On one hand, it can be a very fun project; on the other hand, for some children, cutting through a pumpkin’s thick skin can be too difficult and taking the seeds out is too time-consuming, involving a lot of help and directions from grown-ups. So here is an alternative idea for a similar and yet different project.

You will need a big round and preferably stable pumpkin; a real hammer and nails (you can find them at a 99c store); screws and a screwdriver; a sorter with a variety of items that children can hammer into the pumpkin: buttons, lids, yarn, foam shapes, etc.

Hammering items into the pumpkin can be easier than cutting through the pumpkin’s skin and at the same time is very empowering. Children will love to use real tools: nails and hammer.

A variety of ideas will support their imagination. What can we use for eyes? What can be the nose and mouth? Should my pumpkin have hands or wear glasses?

And not all pumpkins should look representational; for some children, nailing will be more important than creating an image.

We had a lot of fun with this project, check out the different creations!

Enjoy the process!


Teacher Kira



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