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Dear Parents and Professionals, I would be happy to support you more through one-on-one consulting. Parent/Teacher consultations are offered to anyone who needs extra support beyond what is offered in our classrooms.

Parent Consultations Services & Fees 2024
Service Price
1 hr consultation session $175
4-hour package $600
Follow up е-mails 1-3 questions No charge
Follow up phone calls 15min No charge
1-hr  session with the child $200
Extra traveling fee Varies

To make an appointment for a phone or Zoom consultation, please feel out this form:

I can help you with:

1. Become a more confident parent or caregiver.
2. Create a safe and peaceful environment in your home or childcare center.
3. Check your compass (expectations from the child, from yourself, the style of relationships in the family).
4. Think about how you respond to your child’s behavior in different situations (crying, tooth brushing, introducing solid food, toilet learning)
5. Understand which direction to move if you have a challenge.
6. Think about how you are helping your child and yourself with regulating emotions.
7. Become familiar with preventive (environmental) practices.
8. Pick up books on the topic of your interest.


What will you and your child learn in RIE class?


Tips and ideas how you can build connection with young children in your family.

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A RIE® Associate facilitates small groups of parents and babies coming together in a relaxing, infant-friendly environment to make friends and enjoy learning together.

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