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Toby is MY Bear

“That’s Mine!”
“Johnny took my shovel!”
“Sally is in my spot!”
“I want to go first!”

As parents and teachers, how often do we hear these exclamations?

A children’s book for ages 3-6, “Toby is MY Bear” can be read either at home or during Circle Time.

The book:

  • Has few words, making it comprehensible and easy to read!
  • Initiates discussions about conflicts between friends at school.
  • Provides children with the opportunity to brainstorm ideas on the subject.
  • Offers resources to parents and teachers on conflict resolution and sharing.

“Both adults and children will enjoy this sweet story, and it is a great starting point for a discussion about how adults and children can think about and handle one of the most common problems of the toddler years— learning to take turns and share.”
– Jen Gold (Pasadena, CA)

“As parents, we often struggle with teaching the concept of sharing. This book, through its story and the discussion for parents, helps us understand how the concept of sharing first appears to a child and shows us how coerced, or forced, sharing can be misguided. In clear, concise language, it provides parents with better methods to encourage sharing.” – Christy Gottardi (Pasadena, CA)

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