What do we do in class?

What will you and your child learn in RIE class? RIE classes have a very flexible structure and in many ways, each class unfolds differently.

Children get an opportunity to explore, play, and interact for 90 minutes each week. The group stays consistent with the same children and parents, so families and children get to know each other and build friendships. Groups are small 4-8 families in each class.

The format of the class allows for the following:

Freedom to explore supports intrinsic motivation.

What does it mean for you: your child will enjoy learning and will want to figure out and problem-solve. So less nagging, forcing, convincing, and motivating on your part.

Freedom to move supports safety, gross motor, and fine motor skills.

What does it mean for you: children will be able to estimate risk – and stop if they are not ready to do something, they will move with grace and believe in themselves – and have higher self-esteem.

Open-ended play supports critical thinking and learning.

What does it mean for you: your child will be able to think out of the box. He will be not only able to repeat what he learned but also share his own opinion. Higher-level thinking skills will be needed letter in school and college.

Sensitive observation supports a better connection with children.

What this means for you: you and your child will have a more cooperative relationship, and you will learn unique information about your child which will lead to deeper understanding.

Questions. Topics for adult discussion often include: 

  • What to expect at each age and stage of development
  • What children learn through play
  • Balancing your own needs with your child’s
  • Establishing clear and consistent limits
  • Learn about Magda Gerber’s respectful Educaring® Approach
  • How to make the most of the time you spend with your child

Embrace your child’s true nature — join our fun classes and learn to see your baby with new eyes!


What will you and your child learn in RIE class?


Tips and ideas how you can build connection with young children in your family.

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