Kira is a wonderful teacher – I learned so much from her in the parent infant classes. She is very knowledgeable and her perspective is always enlightening and fair to the parent and the child. The RIE approach has helped me so much to better understand what my child needs and how to respond and having experts like Kira guide me further has allowed me to practice at a deeper level. Thank you Kira and for all the wonderful work you do!

Divya Singh, 2021

Honestly, this was the place where you as a parent started to learn how really understand your child.

Elena Yagovkina, 2021

Thank you for being here with me as exciting and nervous new parents. I feel a deep relaxation after our Sunday discussion, I think it is because of the clarity and confidence I have received. I am deeply grateful to have such wise resources and knowing I am supported.

Over these discussions, I think parenting the child really starts with how to be a proper person myself. Or more I learned how to respect my child, I learned how to respect myself.


Qing Shi, 2021

Kira is an amazing teacher and educator. She is very professional and compassionate. Her level of understanding children and relating to children is the highest I’ve seen. Kira has valuable advice in all aspects of parenting and kids’ behaviors. Kira is an invaluable resource and an amazing person.

Alexandra Shef, 2021

We love our RIE class with Kira. The first class I left feeling like we’d been in yoga meditation. It’s all about slowing down and observing. Not needing to entertain, or fix or help constantly. Which is a big thing for me. After one class, our son played independently for about 20 minutes with one toy. Usually, he wants me right next to him constantly. I have seen so much wonderful growth in him, but even more so this class has allowed Ant and I to grow even more. Many of the RIE concepts are really lovely to add to your parenting toolbox and we tend to use the philosophy as the basis to our approach to parenting. If you’re in LA, consider spending a day a week with Kira in her beautiful space in Pasadena.

 Meaghan Davies, 2020


What will you and your child learn in RIE class?


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