Weaning from breastfeeding

12th Oct 2021

The breastfeeding experience is often a pleasant experience for the baby and the mom.  And there can be many valid reasons why you might need to wean a child from breastfeeding.  When you introduce a new routine to your child, […]

What if my child eats only _____?

7th Oct 2021

What if my child eats only _____? What food do you expect to see in this blank? I thought it would be candy…but parents enter very different foods: fruits, meats, bread, and even vegetables.  We want our children to have […]

New Baby and Toddler

4th Oct 2020

The arrival of a new baby involves stress. It can be a positive kind of stress, but it is still stress. Everyone in the family gets to adjust and learn a new routine.  It can be hard for older siblings to accept […]

“I hate you.”

28th Aug 2020

I am reading the book “Pedagogy for All” by Simon Soloveichik. One of the chapters left a huge impression on me, and so I would like to share this chapter with you. Matthew and his father are sitting together in […]

Making Necklaces

12th Jul 2018

One of my classes for toddlers is always busy and fun. We play and dig in the sand, paint with utensils and golf balls, and smash and roll play-dough. . One day, one of the girls, Hazel, was interested in a […]

What if He Doesn’t Want to Learn?

26th Jul 2014

We all hope and wish our children will love learning. And what if they don’t? What if they are bored in class? What if they don’t want to listen in class? What if homework becomes a dreaded chore? As a […]

Message of acceptance

25th Jul 2014

 Last summer I searched for my mother’s acceptance. It is easy to send a message of acceptance as well as it is to withdraw acceptance. Last summer I was visiting my mother in Moscow. I was traveling by subway and […]