Teeth Brushing Routine with Babies

24th Jun 2021

Routines are easy to follow because you don’t have to exercise self-control each time you need to do it or think about it: it is always happening, for example, after dinner. Routines give children a sense of security and predictability […]

Children pulling hair, glasses, and biting sometimes…

11th Jun 2021

Young babies want to learn all about this world. They are constantly exploring it by trying new things. Some of the things they will explore will be something we don’t want them to do, because it is our hair, face, […]

Moving With Young Children

31st May 2021

Moving to a new place is a big event for the whole family. We usually pre-plan this event for some time. What about babies and children? We know that babies thrive on a predictable environment, on consistency. However, sometimes we need […]

Grandma Comes to Visit

24th May 2021

Grandparents’ visits can be a blessing as well as a challenge. Sometimes our parents might have different ideas about child-rearing and upbringing – this could create tense situations and arguments. On the other hand, grandparents are special people for our […]

How to respond when our children fall?

7th May 2021

Babies and toddlers are eager to move and explore; they are also learning about balance, equilibrium, and how to get up and down. Children will fall down and it is actually more safe not to prevent every fall they experience. […]

Urge to Help

29th Apr 2021

It was my first class after COVID quarantine and Casey’s first class in her life. Casey crawled down from her mom’s lap and moved fast across the room. She climbed up on the wooden ramp and low wooden platform. Casey […]

Family and friends are coming to our home!

7th Apr 2021

Young children thrive on routine and a predictable environment. Meeting new people can be stressful for some babies and toddlers, especially after one year of quarantining and not being able to practice. What can we do to ease the transition and make the introduction […]


13th Dec 2020

I always thought that my family does not have holiday traditions…well turns out that’s not true – the more I think about it the more memories come to mind. I don’t think my parents or grandparents ever thought about creating […]

I want a mango!

7th Dec 2020

In our online RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance™ Class, we talked about different questions and concerns. How can we respond to children’s demanding attitudes? I believe that many parents will relate to the experience of 1-2 year-old children screaming and demanding something they […]

Bad habits?

2nd Dec 2020

In our online RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance™ Class, we talked about different questions and concerns. Will our children gain a “bad” habit of demanding “sweet” food and avoiding other healthy foods? I believe this is a deeper question. Parents are concerned […]