“We love our RIE class with Kira. The first class I left feeling like we’d been in yoga meditation. It’s all about slowing down and observing. Not needing to entertain, or fix or help constantly. Which is a big thing for me. After one class, our son played independently for about 20 minutes with one toy. Usually, he wants me right next to him constantly. I have seen so much wonderful growth in him, but even more so this class has allowed Ant and I to grow even more. Many of the RIE concepts are really lovely to add to your parenting toolbox and we tend to use the philosophy as the basis to our approach to parenting. If you’re in LA, consider spending a day a week with Kira in her beautiful space in Pasadena.”

~Parent — Meaghan Davies 2020

“I can’t begin to express how Kira has changed our family’s life for the better. We have attended her parenting class for over a year, and the parenting lessons we have learned will be the foundation of our parenting style for the rest of our lives.
Kira is compassionate, understanding, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She models a respectful and curious parenting approach that we can observe and apply later in similar situations. She’s incredibly receptive to any and all questions and is never judgmental (not my experience with all so-called “RIE” professionals).
Kira has helped us with tantrums, peer-to-peer conflicts, sleep issues, and just about anything else you can imagine from a 1-3 year old. My relationship with my partner is stronger because we are more aligned with our parenting approach (he attends her class as well), and my relationship with my child is stronger because of the mutual respect and understanding that was fostered in Kira’s class.
Thank you, Kira, for changing our life for the better! The world would be a better place if we all raised our children with the values you instill in your amazing class.”
~Parent — Jessica Stone 2017

“Kira is an amazing teacher and educator. She is very professional and compassionate. Her level of understanding children and relating to children is the highest I’ve seen. Kira has valuable advice in all different aspects of parenting and kids’ behaviors. Kira is an invaluable resource and an amazing person.” ~Parent — Alexandra Shef 2017

“Before we started RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance Classes™ , I felt my job as parent when I was with our daughter was to stimulate and educate her. I was constantly looking for ways to activate her mind, grabbing book after book to read to her and showing her different toys and how they work.

Immediately upon starting RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance Classes™ with Kira, I realized the importance of slowing down and allowing our daughter to grow through her own independence and that my role was to be there to keep her safe and participate when she looked to me for engagement, but otherwise to allow her to explore her world safely at her pace and according to her ever-changing rules.

I have watched with much gratitude for the education I’ve received at RIE® Center, through Kira, as our now one year old daughter has become an incredibly inquisitive, engaged, joyful and engaging little person who will bring me into her play periodically when I sit and spend time with her. However, she is equally happy to sit with different safe toys or books and play independently for long stretches of time, trying out new ways to experiment with how different toys work and the creation of different sounds or sensations. As a result, she seems much happier overall and is quite content to explore her world fearlessly, persevering without hesitation whenever she faces obstacles in her path.

Along the way, I have really learned to slow down and narrate the activities in our life with her, to bring her into the experiences and make fun times together and learning happen throughout the day – whether we are eating, changing a diaper, taking walks, or otherwise. There will be a time for me to help my daughter learn by reading her books, but for now I believe the important learning she is doing as we explain the day-to-day activities and bring her into the process of our lives together, is building a solid foundation for her sense of self that will empower her later on throughout her development.

While skeptical at first, I am completely convinced that Educaring® Approach would benefit any parent and any child, and Kira, in particular, is a rock star educator and I’m so grateful to her for the benefits and wisdom she has brought to our family. Thank you, Kira!” ~ParentJesse 2016 (RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance™ Class)

“Before coming to RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance Classes. ™ I weaved between feelings of anxiousness and uncertainty about best occupying my young son’s wake time with educational activities. I longed for a parenting approach that reflected our family’s values and beliefs but struggled with finding the right one. Educaring® Approach basic premise of respecting the child as their own person was spot on and immediately resonated with my husband and me. After our first session in RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance Class™    with Kira, I felt more confident in my role and at ease with observing Lucian in self-directed play and trusting his lead. Mundane activities like diapering became more meaningful with two way communication. Overall I started to feel more relaxed and happier. Educaring® Approach has been immensely helpful in preserving my sanity and in cultivating a respectful bond with our child. I feel grateful for finding the Educaring® Approach and look forward to each and every class.” ~ParentMona Goldstein 2016 (RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance™ Class)

“Hi Kira, Just wanted to thank you for being so kind and helping me and Cecilia learn and understand each other better. We really enjoy your class and appreciate your wisdom and non-judgemental attitude…especially when I don’t feel like I “have it together.” Thank you for your patience with me when I ask questions…sometimes the same ones over and over…as it’s hard work for me to “reprogram” my brain. RIE Educaring® Approach  is a lot to take in! All worth it though and I appreciate you. Take care and thanks again,” ~Parent Mindy Ihrke, 2016 (RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance™ Class)

“Why I come to RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance™ Classes?

– – To watch Educaring® Approach in action and apply what I’ve learned from reading about  it
– It’s a safe open space for Cecilia to play and interact with other children
– There’s a set of purses there that Cecilia really likes…:)
– Kira is an invaluable source of information about caring for little children – she tells excellent stories to illustrate her points and also provides great answers to my many questions – also a great sounding board
– It’s a safe space for parents to ask questions about parenting and to provide and receive support from other parents
– The class helps me provide structure as a stay at home mom
– It’s a safe space where I can relax and observe my child and other children learn
– I have become a more confident parent because of the class
– Cecilia has learned a ton at class. For example, Cecilia would not wear a bib at meal time before attending the class, now she helps me put it on her!
– Kira is another adult Cecilia can be around to establish a trusting relationship with
– Another reason why I come to class: helps me train my eye to what my child is trying to do. There’s been many times you will point out a skill Cecilia is working on that I would have totally missed otherwise! Getting better at tuning in…seems like that kind of insight is lost on me but the class is helping me improve and “see” my kid.

Those are a few things I can think of off the top of my head. Hope this helps and thank you!” ~Parent Mindy Ihrke, 2016 (RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance™ Class)

“Dear parents! I’d like to share with you my experience and tell a little bit about Teacher Kira because it might be very useful for someone. Kira is MAGICAL!!! Last December I was in panic. My son (2.5 years old) had a lot of problems after we moved from one coast to the other and he started a preschool. It made the life of the whole family very complicated. For example, he couldn’t enter any new place, he didn’t allow us to talk to others, his reactions were not typical … It was a great gift to meet Kira! She helped me to find the reasons of such behavior. I would like to say that she changed my son but actually she changed me and that brought all positive changes in our family. After six months of working with her I totally forgot about problems we had last year. She is like a family “doctor”. Her methods are easy to do and the philosophy is great. I couldn’t believe that making schedules are so important for kids. She keeps helping me with problems that appear at every stage. My son started a new preschool this year and I had a lot of fears about his transition: he is an introvert and a preschool has a huge yard with ~100 kids, he didn’t speak English. Kira gave me a lot of great advices how to help him accommodate and now my son wants to go there every single day, even if it’s a weekend! Thank you, Teacher Kira!” ~ Parent – Maria Trnkova, 2014

“ Hi Kira! Your parenting classes helped me think about common problems and issues with toddlers and preschoolers: biting, hitting, taking turns, potty training, and even things that I did not think to think about before you pointed them out, like when/whether to help my child do things like climb stairs. The basic idea of treating your child respectfully and giving him/her the independence to explore and build competency sounds easy, but implementing it is not. Parenting classes offer a chance to see the theory brought to life” ~ Parent in Parent-n-Me Class, 2011

“I was reminded how impressed I am with both your teaching styles when I heard Kira explaining to a parent how to remove an object from her child’s hands gently. Kira was so gentle, yet very clear. Gilda and Kira both seem to be able to have those kinds of conversations and convey wonderful information to parents, without being harsh or judgmental. That is an amazing skill.” ~Parent in Parent-n-Me Class, 2011

“As I strive to be a more patient, slow, and non-violent parent, I am grateful for your guidance. I am lucky to have found your class. “ ~Parent in Parent-n-Me Class, 2011

“Hi Kira, My son just told his grandpa that Teacher Kira is his favorite, and he loves her all the way to your tippy toes.” ~ Parent from Russian Language and Culture Class

“It’s wonderful to hear your perspective and makes my heart jump with joy when I read and remember how amazing all of “our girls” are (mamas included!). I am grateful to have Gilda and Kira to help me through the rough times, support me through all the learning, and to make me smile while I watch my child and everyone during five minutes of quiet.” ~Parent in Parent-n-Me Class, 2011

 “It absolutely makes sense to me to use the actively listening approach rather than being overly empathetic…” “ For us your class really has brought on a lot of positive change and I feel very grateful for that. It deepened my connection to my daughter again as it seemed to be harder for us after our second was born. I take a lot out of the conversations or by observing the two of you interacting with my daughter and the other children.” ~Parent from Parent-n-Me Class, 2012

“I’ve been attending a newborn-6 month class with my daughter (now 8 months) and have really gotten a lot out of the class. At first I didn’t understand the structure because it’s…well, not structured. It’s like a play group with a focus on teaching parents to just chill and watch their kids and learn from them.

I really appreciate Kira’s non-judgmental and very heart-centered vibe towards children and parents. Kira really pays attention to each child’s development and configures the room and toys/play objects accordingly. I’ve gotten a lot of great ideas from her on how to configure our own home as my daughter started crawling, and then standing up, and (eventually, probably soon) walking.” ~Mother from RIE Parent-Infant Guidance® class, 2013