Weaning from breastfeeding

12th Oct 2021

The breastfeeding experience is often a pleasant experience for the baby and the mom.  And there can be many valid reasons why you might need to wean a child from breastfeeding.  When you introduce a new routine to your child, […]

Children pulling hair, glasses, and biting sometimes…

11th Jun 2021

Young babies want to learn all about this world. They are constantly exploring it by trying new things. Some of the things they will explore will be something we don’t want them to do, because it is our hair, face, […]

I want a mango!

7th Dec 2020

In our online RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance™ Class, we talked about different questions and concerns. How can we respond to children’s demanding attitudes? I believe that many parents will relate to the experience of 1-2 year-old children screaming and demanding something they […]

“I hate you.”

28th Aug 2020

I am reading the book “Pedagogy for All” by Simon Soloveichik. One of the chapters left a huge impression on me, and so I would like to share this chapter with you. Matthew and his father are sitting together in […]

Limit Setting (Hitting)

6th Nov 2015

How do we decide what the limits are? What words do we use? How can we enforce them? Will it be the same at different ages? Susie shared she felt confident with her 7 month old exploring and interacting with […]

Yeah – Siblings

29th Oct 2015

Siblings can be wonderful additions to any family, but to a toddler, they may not be a welcoming site. As wonderful as it is to have a sister or brother, it can also be challenging. One of the mom’s in […]

Saying No or Saying I Hear YOU!

24th Oct 2015

How many times a day do you have a situation in your family when you feel like you need to set a limit? In a recent parenting class, one of our 18 month old children discovered the electrical plug we […]


7th Mar 2015

Playdates can be a great opportunity for our children to socialize. We attend play dates hoping it will be fun for our child as well as for us while we socialize. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some play […]

Changing Your Child’s Sleep Routine

9th Aug 2014

My friend, Nika recently asked me a question: “My three-year-old daughter, Lisa, goes to sleep relatively easily, but I always lie down next to her until she falls asleep. This practice used to be okay with me. I started it […]