Teeth Brushing Routine with Babies

24th Jun 2021

Routines are easy to follow because you don’t have to exercise self-control each time you need to do it or think about it: it is always happening, for example, after dinner. Routines give children a sense of security and predictability […]

Making Necklaces

12th Jul 2018

One of my classes for toddlers is always busy and fun. We play and dig in the sand, paint with utensils and golf balls, and smash and roll play-dough. . One day, one of the girls, Hazel, was interested in a […]

One Diaper Change

31st May 2016

Often society sees diaper change as a necessary chore that must be accomplished many times a day, but not necessarily valuable and important.   Magda Gerber want us to look at diaper change as more than a chore – as quality […]