Speaking Engagements

0_72819_ce1fd9c6_LKira and Gilda have participated and spoken at the following conferences and workshops:

2016  Mom’s club in Atwater. Workshop: Trust and Respect

2016  27th RIE Infant/Toddler Conference.  Social Stories: How Our Reflection and Active Listening Support Secure Attachment.

2015 Oneonta Preschool Parenting Workshop: Understanding My 3, 4 and 5 year Old

2015 Oneonta Preschool Parenting Workshop: Limit Setting (Time In vs. Time Out)

2015 Oneonta Preschool Parenting Workshop: How Do Children Become Problem Solvers

2014 Pasadena Mom’s Club — Conflict with children

2014 Limit Setting – What you could do if you observe undesired behavior

2013 Parenting Workshop: What Can Adults Do (Conflict in Toddler Class)

2013 Clairbourn Parenting Workshop: Positive Discipline

2012 Spice Up Your Preschool Classroom – Curriculum Planning

2012 Parent Effectiveness Training – Thomas Gordon Book Discussion

2012 Center Director’s Breakfast: Teacher/Staff Training Workshops

2012 Mom’s Club Altadena small group discussion on “how to intervene” in child’s play

2012 Mom’s Club Altadena Talk on Conflict Resolution

2012 63rd Annual CCPPNS Convention, Burbank – Conflict Resolution with Preschoolers

2011 PACE Conference, Anaheim – Conflict Resolution in Preschoolers

2011 PACE Conference, Anaheim — Art vs. Craft

2008 CAEYC Annual Conference, Long Beach – Conflict Resolution

2005-2011 Multiple workshops for parents/teachers in Pasadena: Problem Solving, Limit Setting, Being Open to Frustration, Imaginative Play, Separation, Consistency and Follow Through, Trust and Emergent Curriculum, Being at Peace With Yourself, Unconditional Love and Acceptance, Praise vs. Acceptance.