Ruined holiday

6th Nov 2019

Have you ever felt that your holiday was ruined and that you would remember it as the worst day ever? Can you do anything to change that?

I would love to share a story from one of my veteran RIE moms about her Halloween this year, and how they had a tough time at the beginning of the evening and by the end of the evening it was clear that they would absolutely remember it as a precious and sweet Halloween. Sharing with permission from Joan.

“Last night was Halloween! I had great ideas about what would happen- had costumes prepared for the boys and it was going to be awesome! Peter decided last minute to change costumes. Then he had a fight with Sam and had a total meltdown; then he didn’t want to leave the house and I was mad.

Papa and Sam left to go eat pizza and trick or treat at our friend’s house and I stayed home with Peter. I realized (after much huffing and puffing and fussing grown-up style) that I could still hand out candy and enjoy participating in the holiday. Peter gradually warmed up to the idea and was then the scout to tell me if kids were coming down the block. We had one family come, Peter, handed out the candy. Then we sat for a while and he mentioned that he might also want to trick or treat. We shut down our house and walked up the block and had the sweetest most intimate fun time as a two-person team. We walked and talked and really enjoyed each other. At the end of the night, he cuddled into me and said that what a great night he had.

I’m so glad I was able to let go of my idea of how it should be and let my boy lead. Also glad that papa was able to take Sam out and enjoy the more typical Halloween night.”

  Wishing you all the best in the difficult yet exciting journey of parenting!

Photo credit: Javier Molina and Jen Theodore


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