RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance™ Classes

Ongoing registration for our current RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance™ Class offerings are

Monday 10:30 am Young Toddlers
Tuesday 10:00 am Toddlers
Tuesday 1:00 pm We are looking to start a new class!
Wednesday 9:30 аm Toddlers
Wednesday 12:00 pm Babies
Wednesday 3:30 pm Young Toddlers
Thursday 9:30 am Mobile Babies
Thursday 12:00 pm Mobile Babies
Thursday 3:00 pm Young Toddlers
Saturday 10:00 am  Toddlers
Saturday 12:30 pm Babies
Saturday 9:30 am Outdoor After RIE class 24 + mos
Sunday 11:30 am Young Toddlers

For more information, please email Classinfo@rie.org


Our location 975 E. Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91107.
We look forward to seeing you there