RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance™ (16 – 22 mos)

!cid_9BA30351-0F31-46CF-A5B0-7B66BFEE5575We would like to invite you to RIE Certified Parent-Infant Guidance® class. This class will allow you to:

  • slow down,
  • feel confident,
  • observe,
  • trust,
  • appreciate your child.

Please note that although the name of this RIE Certified class is “Parent-Infant Guidance,” it is open to parents and their toddlers too!

RIE® Certified Parent-Infant Guidance™classes encourage children to be attentive, active, exploring and aware of self and others. Designed to encourage children to become authentic and responsible from an early age, Parent-Infant Guidance classes help parents to be confident in their supportive role towards this great discovery.

RIE (pronounced ‘rye’) is the acronym for Resources for Infant Educarers, a non-profit founded by Magda Gerber in 1978. Gerber, was well known for introducing the idea of respecting infants and seeing them as confident, competent individuals. The organization carries on her mission of improving the care of infants worldwide.

Classes meet once per week for 1 1/2 hours for 8-week sessions. We offer 5 sessions per calendar year.  Ongoing registration.

Schedule 2015-2016:

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Our address:  Pointe By Pointe Ballet Studio

1315 S. Fair Oaks Avenue
South Pasadena,
CA 91030-3868