Persian Classes

Classes are designed for children ages 4 – 18 years old. Our classes are emergent which means students can enter at any time and be able to keep up with the rest of the students, we teach through hands-on tools where students are exposed to the spoken and written language as well as printed material. Students will learn the alphabet, vocabulary acquisition as well as Persian conversation in informal and formal settings.

Our classes are comprehensive as the fabric of culture is discussed through the sharing of food, music, art, history, language arts by way of folk stories and storytelling.

Students enrolled in our Persian Language & Culture Classes will gain the following:
• A path by which to communicate with their parents native tongues/cultures
• A path by which to communicate with their grandparents who may not speak the dominant language
• An ear and openness to languages will enhance their understanding of music, mathematics
• Learning another language diversifies the student from his/her peers
• Enriches their lives by understanding the history and culture of another people’s
• Vocabulary, Grammar, Sentence Structure, Writing, Reading, Speaking ability in Persian Language