Guidelines for RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance™ Class

1. This is a shoe-less environment. Take yours and your child’s shoes off and keep it by the gate.

2. Walk in together with your baby. (Putting the baby over the gate can be stressful for him or her).

3. Find a comfortable spot anywhere in the room. We try to sit in a way where we do not block the toys or equipment from children.

4. Take your time to relax. Sit and take as much time as you need for you and your baby/toddler to adjust to the environment. For some families it can be minutes, sometimes it can be days.

If you have an infant, when he is ready, place baby down on the mat, slowly – supporting his neck on the covered mat area on his back.

5. Slow down and observe what your baby and other children do.

6. The structure of the class is flexible. During the class you will have the opportunity to ask questions or bring any topics of interest related to children and parenting.