“I see you are Interested!”

6th Oct 2015

Limit setting and discipline are two topics that are often brought up by parents during our parenting class discussions. . Today in class we had a great opportunity to see how we can be respectful and kind and help children […]

Ivan, Mark and the Мaze

31st Mar 2015

For young children, low-intensity parallel play can quickly escalate into a high-intensity exchange. When they feel overwhelmed they begin to struggle with regulating their emotional and behavioral responses. We view these conflicts as tremendous learning opportunities where an adult can […]

First Day in Preschool

23rd Mar 2015

  Have you decided that it is time for your little one to attend preschool? Are you ready to become acquainted with new friends, fun activities and wonderful teachers? Are you a little bit anxious about saying goodbye to your […]


7th Mar 2015

Playdates can be a great opportunity for our children to socialize. We attend play dates hoping it will be fun for our child as well as for us while we socialize. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some play […]

Healthy Habits –Trying New Foods

11th Jan 2015

Our Parenting Place is excited to share its latest collaboration with Endorphinzzz Founder, Irina Shulkin, Health Coach and Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner. Irina advocates and promotes Healthy lifestyles and helps children gain new healthy eating habits the FUN way – […]

Changing Your Child’s Sleep Routine

9th Aug 2014

My friend, Nika recently asked me a question: “My three-year-old daughter, Lisa, goes to sleep relatively easily, but I always lie down next to her until she falls asleep. This practice used to be okay with me. I started it […]

Toby is My Bear!

6th Aug 2014

Toby is My Bear! “That’s Mine!” “Johnny took my shovel!” “Sally is in my spot!” “I want to go first!” As parents and teachers, how often do we hear these exclamations? “Both adults and children will enjoy this sweet story, […]

About Kira

6th Aug 2014

“To unconditionally accept children is to love children not because they are beautiful, smart, get good grades, or are helpful, but just because they are.” -Gippenreĭter, Psychologist/Writer Dear Readers,  Do you know people who are confident, assertive, and competent without […]

What if He Doesn’t Want to Learn?

26th Jul 2014

We all hope and wish our children will love learning. And what if they don’t? What if they are bored in class? What if they don’t want to listen in class? What if homework becomes a dreaded chore? As a […]

Message of acceptance

25th Jul 2014

 Last summer I searched for my mother’s acceptance. It is easy to send a message of acceptance as well as it is to withdraw acceptance. Last summer I was visiting my mother in Moscow. I was traveling by subway and […]