Our Mission:

  • To offer guidance and support to families and teachers
  • To help parents and teachers become confident and have a resource
  • To achieve balance in one’s life
  • To help parents cope with our fast paced society
  • To encourage loving yet firm parenting
  • To encourage empathy and respect
  • To offer hands-on classes

About Our Parenting Place:

Our Parenting Place is a collaboration of two educators with a passion in working with children, families and teachers. Our goal is to enrich the lives of children as well as their support network of families and teachers.

We offer RIE® Certified Parent-Infant Guidance™ classes for parents and their children from 0-3 years old. During class time, parents have the opportunity to observe, listen and learn problem-solving, conflict resolution and limit-setting. And children have the opportunity to play, explore, and discover new ideas in a creative and safe way.

Parent Coaching is offered to any parent who needs extra support beyond what is offered in our classrooms.

*RIE® (pronounced “rye”) is the acronym for Resources for Infant Educarers®, a non-profit co-founded by Magda Gerber and pediatric neurologist Dr. Tom Forrest in 1978. Gerber was well known for introducing the idea of respecting infants and seeing them as confident, competent individuals. The RIE® organization carries on her mission of improving the care of infants worldwide.

We offer workshops for teachers. Our workshops are hands-on, giving teachers an interactive and engaging way to come and learn the tools they can apply immediately in their classrooms. We team-teach, giving the audience two different perspectives and styles.