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6th Aug 2014

“To unconditionally accept children is to love children not because they are beautiful, smart, get good grades, or are helpful, but just because they are.” -Gippenreĭter, Psychologist/Writer

Dear Readers, 
Do you know people who are confident, assertive, and competent without being aggressive? These people handle stress well and are able to deal with difficult situations.
As adults, we meet people who have these qualities and we wish to help our own children develop them as well. While our first actions may be to solve our children’s conflicts, I believe in helping children handle conflicts and solve problems on their own. To provide children with full respect, we must allow them to think, speak, and resolve conflicts on their own whenever possible.
As a parent and teacher, I wish to help children become confident, motivated, focused, determined, cooperative, and positive through my series of children’s books.
Teacher Kira


Teacher Kira has over 25 years of experience working with preschool children. She has dreamed of this career since she was seven years old. She also works as a consultant, specializing in children’s conflict resolution and organizing workshops on the subject. The focus of her studies revolves around the Problem-Solving Philosophy. As part of her studies, she has taken courses and attended conferences, as well as participated in the latest studies on child development.

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